Home Page Construction Kit
HCK was written by Stewart Lynch in Richmond. HCK makes web page development in FirstClass a breeze with the easy to use templates.



This is an older handout but still helpful.

Thoughts for using HCK for StoryTelling

1. Plan - what do you want the page to look like
2. Plan - how do you want people to 'read' your story
3. Create a template for the look of the site
3a. File > New > New Document Special > HCK 3 Web Page
3b. Fill in information information
3c. Check out each of the tabs and make adjustments
3d. Save
3e. Naming
3.e.1 If you use 'home page' as the name of a page it will automatically open this page when you go to the link in 4b.
3.e.2 if you use 'any other name', you access that page by going to http://fcweb.sd36.bc.ca/~your_account/any other name
3.e.3 If you use 'another page' name you can link in HCK to that page by entering 'another page' for the link name.

4. Test your site and see what it looks like
4a. Open Browser
4b. Go to http://fcweb.sd36.bc.ca/~(your first class account name)
5. (Optional - Make your page a template for all other pages)
5a. Rename your page as "Master Template"
5b. Right Click and select Get Info or Properties
5.b.1 Click Stationery
5c. Each time you click on this file, it now creates a new one that looks and works exactly the same
5c.1. Rename each new page

6. View changes but make sure you save the page and refresh the browser

Things to consider
- Image size / resolution