Sharing session – November 19th

Julia Developing your workshops
Julia opened with demonstrating how to use the wiki for training workshops. Recent IML series workshops have been given to the schools who have recently received new technology equipment. The Series workshops are titled under the six capacities. All the video resources and notes are there for you to use and share with your participants.

It was suggested that when you begin your workshops to introduce yourself and how you became a part of the team, your special interests and the other workshops that are in the district that may be of interest to them. You may want to spend a few minutes explaining where they can go to register for workshops and how to use the wikispaces created as a resource for the IMLs.
Other suggestions were to share the site and how they can take advantage of other peoples tags and links.

Since December is so busy with school concerts and special activities, many workshops offered will not be that successful. It is hoped that you will use this next month to get to know your schools and talk with the principals and interested teachers on what topics and workshops they would be interested in running starting January. Please let Julia know if you would like to offer district workshops and we will post them in the district w/s conference. General interest topics such as Developing Teacher Webpages, Ways to use Web 2.0 in the Classroom, and a series workshop on digital photography or podcasting would be posted as district wide workshops.

Kip tour for numeracy, how she has uses it for homework practice and students who go on extended holidays or absences. We went to her favorite site National Library of Virtual Manipulatives and learned about the resources there for grades pre-12. There are many resources related to literacy and numeracy. We discussed how to bundle our tags and take advantage of other peoples links.
Go to

Peter – Podcast creating buddy reading with younger class. His class is Grade 5 and the buddy is Gr. 2. Caution- test the different types of mics and how they record in different situations.
Going through garage band Go to
He discussed different ways of doing the read along books using the iSight camera to capture the books virtually.
Other resources from Julia: Online virtual stories ready for classroom use are at The site author Aaron Shepard has music clips and stories that are suitable for classroom development.
Storytelling resources from Tom McCabe

Ken – Screencast o matic – allows up to 15 minutes and very easy to use. Screencast-O-Matic is the free and easy way to create a video recording of your screen (aka screencast) and upload it for free hosting all from your browser with no install!

Other tools The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video…from your computer to anywhere.

Omar – A voice-over conference using FC and voice insert. The students became familiar with other cultures and languages by reading, storytelling or saying simple things (such as jokes) in their voice inserts. Assigned students to a Greek or Roman word and used researching skills to create a story of a historical figure e.g. Greek God, Greek Myths Go to the Strawberry Hill Gr. 7 Conference, Speechfest – MP3 files used in FC to create audio. Give the students an exercise on gathering Audio resources rather than text.
This is an excellent tool for students who are too shy to speak in front of the class. It is also a good tool for editing, practice speaking, restating information they have learned.
To create a voiceover – create a voice insert in First Class

Gail – Music class – She has been using my to post different versions of the same song, and demo of keyboard skills with Rick Wakeman Solo on YouTube.
Sandra and Gail shared how they are using the Seven Virtues program by Michelle Borba – each week Gail will choose a song to teach to the students and they play this over the PA each week. They have used the writing of stories to produce a movie where they act out the skit and perform or show the video at the school assembly, integrating technology into this project.
Gail has found she has been learning a lot from student emailing her things they have found on the internet. We played The Mom Song on YouTube which is linked on her favorites.

Inspiration w/ gr. 8 students at Kwantlen Park

- Students need to learn to take notes, credit sources, use links to cite
- He would use a research project to demonstrate how they can develop information for writing their project
- He would start with brainstorming and show how they can use rapid fire to generate their ideas
- Using clusters he would show them to see how ideas are linked
- Generate 6 questions of what you want to learn about the place
- Each bubble becomes a question and develop ideas from here
- Won’t let them copy/paste. They actually have to read it and type notes into the bubble
- Everything is referenced back (including photos) using the box attached to the bubble
- He showed how the students can import to word and an outline view to help with writing
- Drop video files in as well

Marc Pelech – Bringing feeder schools into the Secondary school for a period of time to do some course work using technology. The challenge kids were chosen to be mentored through a unit on Self-esteem development with three sec. senior students. They looked at murals that were developed last year and developed words that were key to social responsibility. Brainstormed on visual concepts of these words and worked out their ideas and props to communicate their concepts. Used digital cameras and learned skills of how to communicate using photography. They worked together to put together their photos and edited it using Photoshop. It exposed the students to having an older mentor, learned technology tools and multimedia. Goals are to focus on building mentors to transfer to high school and use tools that will bring success to them.

Mark and Orwell – Developing teacher webpages
What can be done with webpages – using it as a reference for course outlines, student expectations, using templates
Keep it simple and easy to do
How can First Class be used for collaborative purposes, using the calendar to post assignments, set up class conferences for mark posting, assignment handouts and planning calendar for dept.
Started a conference between schools to share materials.
Conference moderator has permissions to create these calendars. Go to
to view a sample of how the Math dept is using teacher webpages.

Stephen – Webpage with Blog for students
Mock trial and opinions from students
Calendar to post marks on his website, communicating with parents, study helps, using games such as jeopardy and Millionaire. These are the powerpoint presentations to create these games.
His webpage is Links on webpage for provincial exams and lesson aids, web evaluation

Carey from Duocom
Carey demonstrated the features of the smartboard and everyone had an opportunity to play with the board and Sympodium.
The sympodium is bookable through CISC. Please email Julia if you are interested in using this tool in your classroom.
Duocom will give monthly training sessions to help teachers develop use of the tool in the classroom.

Teacher resources (to come)

E-assessment – Online tests
Provincials - Nov, Apr. May – Learning Centres, Surrey Connect

Jan – Pilot special needs provincials – Panorama, Sullivan Heights
LST centres – designated units and prepared for audio and headsets – 6 units per site

eFSAs – Gr. 4 & 7 mandatory offered only online
PC require Internet Explorer 5+ Macs require Safari 2
Preferable to use PCs – only multiple choice
Prepared, practice, and PIN Number
Feb 14-21st

June – languages Spanish and Japanese, listening and recording exams
French 2009

Other notes

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